From Aileen
I thought long and hard about finding the right coach. I met Ashley in the pool locker room in the winter and she was very nice. After a couple of months, I contacted her and committed to training under her. I started training on May 1, 2020 for a full Ironman. I knew that a full would take a lot of commitment. I had full faith Ashley would get me to where I needed to be in order to have a productive race.

Ashley is extremely knowledgeable about triathlon training no matter what the distance is. She is very positive, friendly and is there for her athletes. The amount of strength I have gained is so impressive. I have improved in every sport. I have never ran 15 miles or biked 65 miles but with Ashley's program, I have conquered it with no problem. Swimming has been my biggest challenge but with much practice and continued tips, I have improved. It's a great feeling to do things you never thought were possible. Training Peaks is a very easy app to follow that is used.

I like that Ashley plans my weeks out and being accountable is key. Another great aspect is that Ashley will do a swim, bike and run analysis to see where improvement is needed in order to be a successful athlete. Ashley also discusses nutrition and nutrition is a big deal. I'm overly pleased with my coaching experience and have signed up to continue with Ashley. I highly recommend her. I'm proud to be an AME athlete. It has been a wonderful journey. Got goals? Contact Ashley!
From Mary
I have been a triathlete for the last 6 years. I started later in life at the age of 57. I have done several sprint triathlons successfully, making the podium at times. This year I decided to challenge myself even further. I signed up for my first Olympic Triathlon and also for IMAC 70.3. With this decision, I knew I needed a definite plan and possibly a coach.

Coincidentally at the same time I met Ashley at a local pool. We got talking about swimming and eventually triathlons. Ashley then told me she was a coach….Hence my journey with AME coaching began. It was the wisest decision I could’ve made. Ashley has customized my training to fit my life and to work with my deficiencies and strengths. I receive daily feedback from Ashley through Training Peaks, texts, emails and at times phone calls.  We have met in person on several occasions for swim, bike and run assessments. Ashley analyzed my form in each area and developed drills for me to do to improve my performance. She has also guided me in nutrition and hydration tips during training as well as races.

I have grown in leaps and bounds over the past 4 months. I recently completed my first Olympic Triathlon (virtually). I felt strong and was very pleased with my performance.  My swim, which has always been my weak leg, has become strong and steady. Most of my open water swims were at best ½ mile in previous years. This year I do a mile each time I get into the open water! My bike has improved beyond my expectations. My furthest ride prior to this year was probably 30 miles at best, with an average of 13-14mph. Recently, I completed a 48 mile ride with average speeds of 15.5 mph. I feel so much stronger on the bike! When I started with AME coaching, my runs were suffering. I was dealing with sciatica and every run was a struggle. I dreaded my runs! Through stretching exercises and drills given to me by Ashley, I have gained my endurance back and run pain free. I have gone from running at most 4 miles (on a good day) to recently running 12 miles….soon to be 13!  

I continue to grow and improve. My next goal is 70.3. With the cancellation of so many races this year, I may aim to do it anyway. Just to complete my personal goals! I believe the personal, positive and focused approach used by Ashley has been key in my success thus far. I highly recommend AME coaching to help you reach your race goals…no matter what they may be.
From Maureen
Ashley is an amazing coach and I feel blessed to have found her!  I started training with Ashley in mid-March after I broke my hip from over-training last year. Biking was one of the areas where I needed A LOT of work - I had only ridden my bike twice the year before and both in my triathlon events. So Ashley made sure to meet with me 1:1 to go over  basic bike drills and bike etiquette. Then I decided to get clip pedals and I was TERRIFIED to ride with them on the open road so Ashley made sure I got used to them in a safe environment. She is so patient and has such a calming nature that she made me feel very comfortable riding next to her. Now I feel like a pro when I’m cycling on the trails and I even get nods from professional cyclists!  

Ashley also analyzed my running form and noticed that I was running with my feet in front of me which was causing me to run inefficiently. So she gave me some exercises to work on my form and now I can physically feel the difference of how changing how I run allows me to run for longer and with more energy.  

I also love how Ashley's always checking in not only on my physical health but my emotional health too. And she considers nutrition and hydration along side training and emotional well being. When I started training - she would check in on me almost every day to see how I was doing. I don’t think most coaches would do that or care that much about their athletes.  I always look forward to Sunday nights when Ashley posts the new training plan for the week -  the workouts are always different and fun with varying levels of intensity. Ashley’s passion and drive is obvious and I’d recommend her to anyone that wants a hard working and dedicated coach!
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