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Live without limits - you can achieve any goal with the right attitude, effort and consistency.

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Endurance coach 'down the Jersey Shore, working with athletes locally and remote. Training all ages and ability levels, from beginners to seasoned athletes.

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We develop custom training programs tailored to you. Let's work in tandem to achieve your racing goals and dreams!

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Do It Right
Apr 25, 2022

When faced with a big task, project, heavy training season, injury or even a life change, we have the tendency sometimes to rush through it. This is especially true if we perceive the task or occurrence as negative. We have the opportunity to learn from everything placed before us. No matter how big or small, no matter how positive or negative, no matter if this was a task given to us, something we chose to do or a change we could not control. If we rush the process, we miss out.

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All Great Achievements Require Time
Mar 23, 2022

Recently, I ran the Shamrock Marathon. I had three goals for this race: my A goal was to earn my BQ (Boston Marathon Qualifying time), at an 8:12 min/mile pace, my B goal was to hit an 8:20 min/mile and my C goal was to simply finish. I did not hit either my A or my B goal, but I did finish the race and here is my race report with lessons learned and shared looking ahead.

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AME Athlete Highlight - Jenn Maher
Jan 26, 2022

Jenn has been training and racing for endurance events for almost 15 years. Since her training began, she has completed numerous events (too many to count) of all varieties. On the running end, these include 5ks through marathons and ultras, on both road and trail. In multisport, these include short course triathlons through numerous IRON distance events. In fact, last December she completed her 11th marathon after running a fun 5k with her husband and kids the day before. Currently, Jenn is training for the Jackpot Ultra 100 miler in February! Since joining the team, the focus of her training has been to build stamina and strength, both mentally and physically, for the ultramarathon ahead. An equally important focus has been working to cultivate and perfect her training and racing nutrition.

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