January 29, 2023
AME Underwater Swim Video Analysis Clinic

Swimming is all about form. Swimming harder, swimming more frequently or swimming at high volume does not mean you will swim faster. Incorrect mechanics done at volume are that much harder to correct. The most efficient way to learn and improve your swim mechanics is through underwater video analysis. It is one thing to know correct form and quite another to see your own form in the water and work on inefficiencies in your technique relevant to you. This clinic is focused on freestyle swim form, specific to multi-sport athletes and open water swimming.

February 26, 2023
AME 3-Hour Swim Form Clinic

This is a USAT sanctioned, three-hour, in-depth and comprehensive clinic on swim form. We will take a deep dive  into correct front crawl (freestyle) technique, breaking down every aspect of the stroke and practicing drills to enhance your technique. You will also learn and practice drills to enhance your open water swimming skills. This clinic is designed to induce fatigue to better understand where your form breaks down like it would in a racing environment. You will receive immediate and targeted feedback on ways to enhance your specific form. This clinic is open to all ability levels.

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