Where it All Began

April 24, 2020

I began triathlon in 2007, as you can see from the fuzzy image of me at my first triathlon above, I was a sophomore in college. I have shared this before, but I grew up playing basketball, basically since I could walk. After high school, I started college and no longer played sport competitively. I gained the freshman 15, and, like many college students, lived a little too carefree. Unsure of what I wanted to do as a career, I took a career assessment that told me, among other things, I would be a great drill sergeant in the army or do well in the field of exercise science. I chose exercise science. This is where I was first introduced to the sport of triathlon, by a graduate assistant in one of my ex sci classes. He put together my first training program and helped me with the process of buying my first bike. I worked my tail off that year for my first few tri’s. I still do, but for myself, not for any specific race. To be perfectly honest, triathlon has completely changed my life since it entered my life.

For me, triathlon has never been about finish times, making the podium or placing in my age group. Racing is just the cherry on top. Sure, I’m competitive, but I could not live without the day-to-day exercise that has since become my lifestyle. Clearing the mind, relieving the stress, maintaining my health, turning me into a better person and pushing my limits both mentally and physically. It is truly endurance training for life rather than for any race.

The greatest treasure this sport has brought, is all the people into my life along the way. From the helpful older woman at my first triathlon who racked her bike next to mine, to my supportive and encouraging husband, to my amazing athletes who inspire me every day, all the way up to the more recent people who have entered my life, who I cherish and value so deeply. The love that I hold is so great, truly something that will never fade and I would never want it to.

We all have a journey. I would love to hear yours. Connect with me and tell me all about it. In the meantime, AME high and do it with a smile!

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