Just TRI

July 15, 2020

I was driving in my car today and I happened to notice an older silver Honda Civic with a simple bike rack attached to the trunk. It got me thinking of my first car, a 2002 silver Honda Civic. Manual, no air-conditioning and you had to hand crank the windows. Loved it. Like the car I saw, I had a simple bike rack for it that attached to the trunk. I owned this car for six years, lived with it in four states and it got my bike and I back and forth to my first six years of triathlons.

This also had me reflecting on my first triathlon from so long ago. My parents had come to watch and show their support. It was a good day. After I finished, I remember my dad was surprised at how many types of people did the race, of every shape, size and ability level. He had this preconceived notion that only highly fit people did these types of events. Now, I should say, my dad is naturally athletic and one of the hardest working people I know. With that being said, I think even he thought triathlon would not be for someone like him before he saw the race. A lot of people think this way about triathlon, it looks like an intimidating sport. Now, if you’ve never done a tri, I’m going to stop your thoughts right there.

Triathlon, and multi-sport (duathlon, aquabike) in general, is for EVERYONE. You do NOT need to have a huge training log in the books, expensive exercise clothes and a fancy bike. You simply need the will to TRI. It’s a simple event really, you swim, you bike, you run. That’s it. You don’t need loads of training to finish a triathlon, even just the recommended minimum amounts of exercise will do the trick. For most, the swim is the scariest, or hardest, part. Some people who start triathlon don’t even know how to swim when they first start training. If you don’t know how to swim, learn. This is an important, fundamental and potentially life-saving skill that everyone should know. Call me, I’ll teach you.

Now, while the events themselves are not happening right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t start preparing for one. Pools are starting to open up. Jump in. Get in the lake. Get a better feel for the water. Hop on your bike, whatever kind of bike it may be. Start walking, jogging or running a few blocks around your house every couple of nights. Just start.

Triathlon will change your life. I have yet to meet someone who has done a triathlon and didn’t beam about their experience(s). You will learn things about yourself you may not have known existed, you will be introduced to a phenomenal community of people and you will make memories you will never forget. On top of that, you will gain confidence, better health, new friends, new connections, new experiences and, quite possibly, a new lifestyle.

Just TRI, AME high and do it with that amazing smile!

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