Do It Right

April 25, 2022

This past week, in between work, watching the kids and training, I spent a good portion of time spring cleaning the house. I am no where near done, but I'm that much closer than when I started. I typically do this every spring and I really get into it, washing and wiping the walls and the ceilings, cleaning every toy, cabinet and crevice. In years past, I remember breezing through this without much fatigue. Now, it seems every year I get older, I'm more exhausted by the task. While this may be due to a number of reasons, this chord struck me harder this year. I take my time with each room, working diligently but not rushing the process just to get through it. The goal is to deep clean and that's what I set out to do. At this point, I have about half the house complete.

While the remainder of the task feels somewhat daunting, especially in the midst of cleaning and organizing each room, I am reminded this process is similar to many things in life. When faced with a big task, project, heavy training season, injury or even a life change, we have the tendency sometimes to rush through it. This is especially true if we perceive the task or occurrence as negative.

We have the opportunity to learn from everything placed before us. No matter how big or small, no matter how positive or negative, no matter if this was given to us to do, something we chose to do or a change we could not control. If we rush the process, we miss out. We miss out on learning by not giving every aspect 100%. Depending on the circumstance, we miss out on true understanding or resolve if we don't take the time to process, feel and heal. Sometimes, we even miss out on building positive relationships ahead based on how past experiences have affected us.

What if, instead of rushing through any of the tasks or changes in front of us, we gave each one our full attention and time. We gave everything our best effort in the moment we are in it. We take the time to understand the occurrence, the project or each other. We dig deeper and give everything a second look. Often, we feel pressed for time, but if we don't have time to do it right, when will we have time do it over? Take every opportunity, no matter the size or difficulty (mentally, physically or emotionally), and give it your all.

#AMEhigh today and every day.

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