AME Athlete Highlight

May 12, 2021

Meet Jude!

Jude has been training and racing for triathlons since 2016. Since then, he has completed close to 20 triathlons, including Escape the Cape Triathlon, Tri the Wildwoods and IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City! This year, he has several triathlons on the horizon ranging in distance from sprint to 70.3. His main event is IRONMAN 70.3 Atlantic City while hitting several local events along the way.

Jude started training with AME this January. Since then, he has made continuous and steady improvements in swimming, biking and running, even with a brief shoulder injury the first few months into the year. His biggest improvement has been the run, since the beginning of January, Jude has dropped 7% off his 5k pace per mile. One of his greatest assets is his focused and determined mindset, his willingness and drive to persevere. He also has a hunger and enthusiasm to learn and continue to develop his approach to the physical, mental and nutritional aspects of training and racing.

On top of his dedication to training and racing in triathlons, Jude has a full life with his career and beautiful family, including three kids, some of whom already participate in triathlons! Jude is an extremely hard worker, rarely misses a training session and keeps himself and his family active with outdoor sports throughout every season of the year. Jude sets an exceptional example for his family and his community.

We are THRILLED Jude chose AME to share in his journey!

Q & A with Jude:

What got you into triathlon and endurance events?

I had been curious about triathlon for a long time. I have a triathlon training book I bought in 2005 yet it took me until 2016 to actually sign up for one, that being Escape the Cape. I decided to raise money for charity that year so I was completely committed to racing but thought it would be one and done. As I got closer to the race, I realized all the training I had put in but I was also so convinced that I would get a flat tire on the bike or have some other issue that would end my race that I signed up for a second race a few weeks later just in case it was a disaster so I could redeem myself. Well, after that first race I was hooked and ended up doing 4 races that summer!

What is your favorite event and why?

Without a doubt it's Escape the Cape.  It's very unique with the ferry jump plus there's a different energy around that race that's addicting. The bike course goes by the house that I grew up in which is also very cool.  

What about triathlon and endurance sport brings you the most joy?

I love the complexity of triathlon. I love the competition but there are so many reasons: to feel better, the great tri community and meeting new people such as through the Wild Harbor Tri Club, to show my kids that hard work pays off, to relieve stress, to have a healthier lifestyle and maybe to look a little better come summertime lol.

What triathlon or multi-sport event would you most like to do with your kids one day?

My 8 year old son is entered into the Islandman Kids Tri this summer in Avalon. The Islandman race has a Fastest Family Award. I would love to win this with one of my kids someday. I also think it would be fun to do a relay with my kids in a few years.

What is your favorite part of training?

There's always something to improve. It seems like you never have a perfect race but the process of training and seeing yourself get stronger and faster is motivating to continue.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

Before every race I remind myself that just getting to the start line in shape and healthy is such an accomplishment. Then I focus on the #1 goal of the day to be safe, #2 goal to have fun, and #3 is to go kick some butt!

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