AME Athlete Highlight

March 18, 2021

Meet Dan!

Dan began training and racing for triathlons and endurance events in 2017. Since then, he has done numerous events, including Ironman AC 70.3, Escape the Cape Triathlon and Broad Street. After taking a brief break from training with the impacts of Covid last year, Dan was eager to get back to a consistent routine of training and racing and hit some PR’s along the way! Dan’s main event this year is Ironman 70.3 Atlantic City!

Dan joined the AME Team in December of 2020 and has made excellent progress since then. He has dominated his new routine of training, rarely missing a workout. He has consistently progressed in volume for all three disciples and continues to improve his speed with each discipline in every passing field assessment. So far, he has shaved one minute and 35 seconds PER MILE off his 5k time, cut 14 seconds off his swim threshold and improved his bike threshold by 28%!

The biggest takeaway with Dan is how incredibly hard he works. He works countless hours at his job, has three wonderful kids in high school and still makes the time to get his workouts in. Rarely does Dan miss a workout. He is committed and driven to be the best athlete he can be and learn all he can while setting a great example for his kids.

Absolutely THRILLED Dan chose AME to share in his journey!

Q & A with Dan

What got you into triathlon and endurance events?

Heard about it from a friend and I could ride a bike and run a little. Didn’t know how to swim freestyle properly, thought it would be challenging.  

What is your favorite event and why?

The poverty to the cove swim.  It was just so far outside of my comfort zone I really loved it.  

What about triathlon and endurance sport brings you the most joy?

Challenges every day, mental and physical.

Pick your pain, you realize while setting up transition on race morning you forgot your Garmin or after you cross the finish line you realize there is toilet paper stuck to the back of your jersey and it’s been there since using the port-o-potty before starting the run?

TP for sure.  

What is your favorite part of training?

I like the satisfaction that comes from battling with your mind.  When your mind tries to keep you comfortable but you get up and do the work anyway.

What is one thing you want people to know about you?

I don’t eat meat/dairy/ eggs.  I cut those foods in 2019 as an experiment and found my weekly mileage drastically increased while my soreness and swelling after workout was greatly reduced.  I was amazed.

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