AME Athlete Highlight

August 17, 2020

Meet Aileen!

Aileen is a go-getter! She started triathlon in 2015 and since then has completed numerous triathlons, duathlons and running events, including three 70.3s! This year, Aileen has been working her tail off preparing for Ironman Maryland. Unfortunately, like all others, this event was recently cancelled. While this news can be crushing, especially after putting in so much training, Aileen has not let it stop her. She has ZERO intentions of losing all the gains she has made. She recognizes her next big improvements will be made in the off-season and is AME’ing for IMMD again next year along with several smaller events along the way!

Aileen has made MUCH progress since she joined the AME team.She has made significant improvements in her swim, bike and run speeds. She has crushed distances on the bike and run she has never tried before. She has improved her body composition, shedding the few spare pounds she had to lose, while building lean muscle mass and making serious gains in her muscular strength.She even came in FIRST, out of males and females, at a virtual triathlon she competed in with the local triathlon club. Aileen has a very full plate in life outside of training, yet she gets in EVERY workout and keeps a tremendously positive attitude when it could be quite easy not to.

Extremely proud of Aileen, her accomplishments, perseverance and drive to achieve her goals. Next year will be her biggest and best year yet, AME cannot wait to watch it happen!

Absolutely THRILLED she chose AME to share in her journey!

Q & A with Aileen:

What got you into triathlon and endurance events? 

My first tri I committed to happened all over a beer. A friend of mine and I cheers'd to doing Escape the Cape after seeing it happen. After the first Escape the Cape I did in 2015, I was instantly hooked. 

What is your favorite event and why? 

My favorite race is Escape the Cape because I grew up here in North Cape May and swam in the Delaware Bay my whole life. Plus, this awesome event takes place within a couple miles from my home. It's in my backyard. And all my family and friends come out and cheer me on. It's a great feeling! 

What about triathlon brings you the most joy?

Being able to race and have fun.

Pick your pain, snoozing your alarm race morning and barely making it in time for race start or getting water in your goggles first thing into the swim because they weren’t quite tight enough?

Snoozing my alarm! 

What is your favorite part of race day?

The finish line. I like to push it hard to the finish, my signature move is a full out sprint. My old track moves come out. 

What is one thing you want people to know about you? 

You may see me running on my toes that's because I Irish danced for years as well as competed. I often walk and run on my toes. It's ingrained in me. My husband can always pick me out of a crowd of people based on my walk!

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